I had a dream the other day
and it wasn’t very pleasant
I was sitting in class as a clock ticked on
and a girl was sitting there beside me
but she didn’t seem to have a face
and as the strangeness of the dream began to dawn on me
I noticed that her features were more tangible
she smiled at me but somehow it filled me with sadness
the sharp sting of memories never meant to be seen
and I melted into a sea of emotions
but everyone else did too yeah,
everyone else followed suit
my self drifted away I was one of a whole
and it felt real nice
but it just wasn’t quite right
being free of a form but at the price of selflessness
was not a deal I wanted to make
and I reemerge from the sea but now I am alone
a primordial soup all around me
I slowly get up and walk out of the classroom
I’m going home sick today yeah,
going home sick today
walking out of the building no one seems to notice me
I sit on the ledge and look at the birds
one flies over to me
I hold it in my hand, I think about squeezing
but I let it fly away
I begin to walk to my truck but a lady tries to stop me
you need to get to class no you can’t skip like that
but I’m going home sick today, so fuck off is all I can say
lying in my bed trying to sort it all out
I see melting clocks in my head
I begin to take a bath and soak in the silence
and it feels right
in a few days I emerge from that tub
and go out to get a drink
don’t bother with clothes I know I’m alone
I just don’t care anymore
I pour the milk but the glass begins to tip
and it spills to the floor
by the corpses of my parents by the door
bullets of lead taking life from a head
blood splattered everywhere yeah,
blood splattered everywhere
but something still feels wrong to me
if a man is alone how can he help humanity
and without any other
how can one define the self
am I lost in this hell yeah,
I think I’m lost in this hell
so I return to the school the next day
and I begin to feel okay
maybe conformism is just a part of life
just a necessity
for each and everyone is unique in there own way
you just have to dig a little deep
on the surface I see gray but now I realize
that a rainbow waits below yeah,
a rainbow waits below
and I wake from the dream and carry on with my life
I will always remember now matter how it hurts
no matter how high or how low I must go
that a rainbow waits below
a rainbow waits below
a rainbow
a rainbow
yeah yeah
a rainbow waits