Some men fear death
It is not death; but life that I fear most
like a mother holding her child
death embraces us.
It is so easy to drift off
and never come back
To be buried under five feet of snow
To be lying in the road looking at the stars one last time
By the time the driver sees; it will be too late

I can’t bring myself to hug you
not when you are holding that knife
because I know you won’t kill me
but lord knows you aren’t afraid to hurt me

The sky is never blue anymore
only shades of gray
as if the color of life bled away

Is this numb haze all there really is?
Or am I only seeing the reflection of life passing by
in a shard of broken glass
from the struggle one night before
or was it two
does it even matter?
does anything matter at all?
I thought I did all the right things
but nothing turned out right at all.