If I were a human
I would walk through the sands
of time and declare the land that I see as mine
I would make things bigger than myself
and not worry about consequences
because there would be no reason for me to reason
that the things I do could hurt the world in the long run
if my life is so short it doesn’t matter
I won’t be around to see the disaster
I would find a pretty girl
and settle down in my own world
only wondering what would end me
be a freight train or the resistance
to the oligopoly that I’m a part of
but why should they retaliate
or even hate my very being
it’s not a personal thing only how I was raised
in this haze of a world where survival means
stabbing a comrade in the back
but when they look in your eyes you turn and point
to someone else and whisper
that I love them and I would never be the one to betray them
I would sign the paper issuing the order
to send the boys off to the conflict over seas
because I would have to protect
the freedom of the people
for whom I stand for
did I say freedom
because I meant the corporations
that back me and reassure me
that they didn’t need the oil
anyway it is better off here
I would reminisce about my life
in place of looking forward
to see the storm up ahead
and maybe help to steer our ship clear
why would it matter
I’m only human
no one is perfect, please forgive me
that is what I would say
on my dying bed as they surround me
and I stare at my screen
contemplate these things
if I were human
what a sick world it would be