the world is a jigsaw puzzle
the pieces tumble out of their box into a large pile
peculiar things yearning for resolution
each have blotches of colour
and odd little nooks and crannies
slowely the pile vanishes as the pieces work their way into place
the odd little nooks and crannies find their home
as the pieces snap snuggly into place next to each other
their colours come together
as the puzzle is finished a beautiful picture appears
but there is an extra piece
it came from the same box
it rested in the same pile
with the same blotches of colour
and the odd little nooks and crannies
eagerly waiting to see where it belonged
maybe it was the nose of a dog
or the tire of a car
perhaps a space in the sky between the stars
but one by one those spaces were filled
and it sat alone
with no purpose